Say – Yes to Jesus

Say, Yes to Jesus

Rapsodie Adams


In this life we say yes to a lot of things, or at least I do (am I alone)? I have said yes and gotten a bad haircut (really bad haircut). Oh yes, I have said yes and brought home a dress that wouldn’t fit, even if I lost 20 pounds. I have said yes to a movie invitation and hung my head low, and had the nerve to ask God not to let anyone I know, see me come out of that movie. I’ve even said yes to things that have caused me to have to pray through, so that the darkness did not overtake me. But, when I said yes to Jesus, He saved me (Say Yes to Jesus).

There have been times a sharp word has been given to me, but when I stop and say yes to Jesus, the Holy Spirit gives me a word to say back that gives grace to the hearer (Thank God for the Holy Spirit). By saying yes to Jesus, the Spirits’ fruit is on display.


A Prayer

Dear Father, help me to display the nine fruit of the Spirit, in my daily walk:

  1. A self-sacrificing love.
  2. A deep abiding rejoicing in You.
  3. A peace that gives tranquility to my soul.
  4. A person of long-suffering, with no thought of self.
  5. A gentleness that says, I am kind.
  6. A goodness that is love in action.
  7. A faith that is unwavering.
  8. A controlled strength that says, I am meek.
  9. A command over my desires that displays temperance.

Help me Holy Spirit to always say yes to Jesus, in these nine ways.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name.