King of the Hill

King of the Hill

Rapsodie Adams


Many, many, many moons ago; sometimes it’s hard to remember that far back (am I alone)?  Or, maybe I just don’t want to remember, that rings more like the truth. But, I believe it keeps my foot on the solid rock to remember, where God has brought me from. In my youth, I considered myself to be street-smart, now I wonder is their really such a thing? Back then, I knew how to play the game. I could play shy. When needed I could be tough. If the situation called for it I could act dumb. Being an avid reader I could trick you into believing, I was pretty smart. In my mind, I had it all figured out, the bottom line…I had all the answers. I was queen of my domain…or so I thought.

When I finally got to the bottom of that hole I was digging, every time I tried to climb out, someone kicked me back in. Sometimes in pretense, they helped me out, only to throw me back with a shovel full of dirt, to boot. Then I met the one whom the Father had proclaimed, the true King of the Hill, his name is Jesus and he truly does have all the answers.


A Prayer

Dear Father, thank you for being my king. How wise of the Father to have a plan to save all of mankind, and how loving of you to do the Fathers’ will. After all of these years, your blood on the Cross of Calvary is still saving mankind. I, Dear Lord am one of them. You were not afraid, nor were you offended, to come down to the very pits of hell, to get me. A rotten apple the world had thrown away, you chose me to be the apple of your eye…I know I say that a lot Lord, but it makes me feel so loved to know that you chose me…you chose me… To this very day I cannot understand your love for me, but I am so very, very thankful for it.



Be blessed in Jesus’ name.