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Updated May 9th 2022

The music for 20 new Songs was recorded in studio on Saturday May 7th… Vocals next. Thank you Jesus. 


Updated April 30th 2022

We will be in studio in the month of May recording several new songs, 17 (18, 19, 20) so far, and we are continuing to add songs as the Lord provides the unction. 

We will also be assisting Brother Jody Jasper on his second project, Praise God!

Please keep us in your prayers as we proceed.

P.S. our last project was delayed due to the pandemic and the relocation of the studio. That project will be released very soon.

May the Lord Richly Bless You.


Newest Release – Soldiers of the Way…Released 2018





Soldiers of the Way Video…Soldiers of the Way 2018


Salt and Light…Soldiers of the Way 2018


Keep On Keeping On…Soldiers of the Way 2018


Holy Spirit Fire…Soldiers of the Way 2018


Only One Jesus…Soldiers of the Way 2018


He’s Coming Back…Soldiers of the Way 2018



6th CD – Sold Out…Released 2017





Sold Out Video…Sold Out 2017


We are the Remnant Video…Sold Out 2017


Never in the Fire Alone…Sold Out 2017


Say, Yes to Jesus…Sold Out 2017


The Blessed Hope…Sold Out 2017


Praising the Name of Jesus…Sold Out 2017


What’s in the Name of Jesus…Sold Out 2017


He’s the Way Maker…Sold Out 2017


He Changed My Life…Sold Out 2017


No More Me – Take Two…Sold Out 2017


5th CD – Rise Up Church – Released 2009

Rise Up Church

Rise Up Church Back 2





Rise Up Church…Rise Up Church 2009

Lord Have Mercy…Rise Up Church 2009

Let My Tongue be Your Sword…Rise Up Church 2009

I’ve Got Jesus…Rise Up Church 2009

Living Waters…Rise Up Church 2009

End of the Line…Rise Up Church 2009

I Will Abide…Rise Up Church 2009

God’s Way is the Right Way…Rise Up Church 2009

Will We Be Ready?…Rise Up Church 2009


4th CD – Look Up – Released 2007

Look UpLook Up Back





Look Up…Look Up 2007

Get Right…Look Up 2007

King of the Hill…Look Up 2007

Lord I’m Yours…Look Up 2007

Precious Things…Look Up 2007

Testified…Look Up 2007

Will You Follow Him…Look Up 2007

Trust In The Lord…Look Up 2007

Servant Of All…Look Up 2007

Lord Your Ways…Look Up 2007

Humbly I Bow Down…Look Up 2007


3rd CD – The Three Are One – Released 2005

The Three Are One
The Three Are One Back





The Three Are One…The Three Are One 2005

Thank You Lord For…The Three Are One 2005

Lord You Are Greater…The Three Are One 2005

No Greater Love…The Three Are One 2005

God Won’t Settle for Anything Less…The Three Are One 2005

24 & 7…The Three Are One 2005

He was a Humble Man…The Three Are One 2005

Please Forgive Me…The Three Are One 2005

Jesus Come Back…The Three Are One 2005

I Want To Be Just Like Him…The Three Are One 2005



2nd CD – Are You Willing to be…a Vessel of Honor – Released 2004

Vessel of Honor
Vessell Of Honor Back





Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

He Is All Knowing…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

The Old Man’s Gotta Be Gone…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

I Yield…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

Let My People Go…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

Same Man…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

Freely Give…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

It Took The Same Faith…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

According To Your Will…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

This Is Love…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004

Have You Thought About It…Are You Willing to be – a Vessel of Honor 2004



1st CD – She Is Alive – Released 2003

She is Alive
She Is Alive Back





There’s a Cold Wind Blowin…She is Alive 2003

She is Alive…She is Alive 2003

Do You Want to be Free…She is Alive 2003

I Will Serve Him…She Is Alive 2003

I Will (Will You) Praise Him…She Is Alive 2003

Now is the Time…She is Alive 2003

Who’s Story Do You Tell…She is Alive 2003

What is Right…She is Alive 2003

Yes! Lord…She is Alive 2003





The Lord has richly blessed us with these songs. Due to the various styles, you are bound to find something you like, if you do…simply right click the song and “save link as”.  Our free downloads are also available at Godly Christian Music.com


Rise Up Church Rise Up Church Back 2

Look UpLook Up Back

The Three Are OneThe Three Are One Back
Vessel of HonorVessell Of Honor Back
She is AliveShe Is Alive Back